Aggiornamenti da Neev Mumbai

Ecco gli ultimi aggiornamenti dallo shelter di Kopar Khairane (Navi Mumbai, #India), che supportiamo tramite Sostegni a Distanza e col progetto in attivazione “Non di solo pane”.
Anche qui, la pandemia ha costretto ad una serie di cambiamenti, obbligando i piccoli ospiti dello shelter a limitare o sospendere le uscite, e vietando agli amici del quartiere di entrare nel centro per giocare insieme. Ciononostante le giornate sono scandite da un ritmo quasi frenetico, fatto di tanto studio, ma anche di gioco, svago e relax.







“All of our daily lifestyles have been changed since the past year because of the Covid-19 virus. It’s the same for the boys at Maher Neev. Due to the given times the boys cannot be visiting outside much yet Maher Neev still have managed to make everyday filled with lots of fun alongside with gaining tons of knowledge. Their daily schedules have been updated for the coming year with a lot of changes such as mentioned below.

The boys wake up at 5:30am and as soon as they wake up they go for their playground activities they usually get back by 7:00am and immediately get ready for bath as well as they help with household chores. Before breakfast at 8:00am boys sit down for their morning prayers and then begin their breakfast, after that at 9:30am tuition teachers arrive and the teacher’s try to cover all given subjects for the boys, alternately for primary                  boys and secondary boys tuition continues till 4:30pm, till 5 th Standard in the morning and seniors in the afternoon.





The boys have their lunch at 1pm, after lunch a short nap time is given to them at 2pm, as soon as they wake up they have their fun online activities by 3:00pm. Evening snacks is given to them at 4:30pm and after that by 5:00/5:30pm boys enjoy to spend their time playing outdoor or indoor games such as cycling, chess , carom , football , etc. They get back by 6:00/6:30pm and they freshen up real quick because they have their            evening prayer at 7:00pm.





After being done with almost a day they have their dinner by 8:00pm and are given to watch TV or movies for an hour or so before going to sleep        which is at sharp 10:00pm.”

Ringraziamo lo staff di Maher Neev per i puntuali aggiornamenti e tutte le persone che sostengono attivamente il Centro.

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